Terms of Service

By using Sendflow you agree to the following terms.


You must be at least 16 years old to create an account on Sendflow.


Pricing is based on the max number of subscribers associated to your account during the billing period.

Any subscription associated to one of your project is counted, regardless of any other condition. For example, although we follow the best practices and we try to remove the expired or invalid subscriptions automatically, the total number of subscriptions may still include some invalid subscriptions, multiple subscriptions of the same user, browser or device, duplicated subscriptions across different projects or inactive subscriptions that you don't use.

Data management and ownership

In general, you own your data and you can export it at any time. You can also update and delete your data using your account features. For more details read the Privacy Policy.

Limited accountability

Sendflow is offered as is without any warranty.

Even if we do our best to follow best practices and offer a reliable service, Sendflow - to the extent permitted by law - is not liable for data loss, lost or wrong notifications or performance drops.


We make regular backups.


An account can be terminated by Sendflow for any reason.

You can close your account from your account settings after sign in. Any request to terminate your account sent by email or using other means will be ignored for security reasons.


You may contact us at the following address: team@sendflow.pl